Like all of Australia, South Australia, before the ‘white-man’ arrived was inhabited by Native Australians (Aborigines) , such tribes as the Pitantjarjara (Northern SA), Narungga (York Peninsular), Kaurna (Adelaide Plains) and Bungandidj (South SA). The first ‘white-man’ contact was in 1627 when the Dutch ship the Gulden Zeepaert, captained by Francios Thijssen, examined and mapped a section of the South Australian coastline. The commencement of colonial government (British) was proclaimed on 28 December 1836; remembered yearly ever since on the 28th as a public holiday,  known previously as Proclamation Day, now known as Australia Day. The land between 132° and 141° east longitude and from 26° south latitude to the southern ocean made-up the colony, and it would be convict-free – no scars on our ankles! Along with other States of Australia, SA was proclaimed a State of the Commonwealth of Australia by Queen Victoria on 1st of January 1901! Approximately three quarters of the population of SA (approximately 1.7 million) live in the City of Adelaide. And that is of great importance to us here at Alcatraz Self Storage. Why? Because many Adelaide City folk store their goods with us. Why travel all the way to Callington (approximately 1/2 an hour to an hours drive – mainly on the South Eastern Freeway)? Our facility particularly suits Adelaide residents who need long-term storage – building a new house; living outside Adelaide and/or overseas/interstate – big, big, savings. You might need Adelaide Self Storage; but decide Adelaide Hills Self Storage; particularly Alcatraz Self Storage at Callington, is worth the drive. Come on up – and ‘check-us-out!’