When you have two towns almost adjoining one another, the smaller (in this case ‘Littlehampton’) tends to be absorbed by the larger (in this case Mt Barker).  ‘Little brother’ (Littlehampton) was established by Benjamin Gray (a  local road – Benjamin Gray Drive – is named after this early pioneer) in 1840. Benjamin haled from from Littlehampton, Sussex, Uk – hence the name. As the years ticked by Littlehampton, became connected particularly with clay bricks and forestry – timber yards. The centres of these adjoining towns being only 5.9 km apart, with progress and being such a beautiful part of the Adelaide Hills; there being heaps of housing and industry, the two towns tend to flow into each other – the big divide in recent times being the South Eastern Freeway ‘rushing’ through between them at 110 km! But of course there is a very busy joining bridge between them over this multi-lane roadway – being part of the huge Australian circling Highway known as the M1. To get to our business – Alcatraz Self Storage at Callington – it is barely 20 minutes drive – either on the M1 or the old Princes Highway. SO! What do you think? Is it worth the travel to save? Your decision – but why not drop down (i.e. Littlehampton residents) and ‘explore’ our facility as a possible place to store your goods? We are happy to show you around.