Also on the old ‘narrow gauge’ (Steam Engines) rail to Adelaide – actually the terminus from Adelaide. As a child (born in 1942 in Blackwood in the Adelaide Hills), it was a lovely outing to board the Steam trains, either to Bridgewater or down to Adelaide. Soot in the eyes from putting one’s head out the carriage window; buying a pie at the Stations, etc. Memories! These days; from time to time, we travel on the old Princes Highway from Littlehampton via Bridgewater to Stirling – but of course it is heaps quicker on the South Eastern Freeway, as it is for residents of Bridgewater storing their goods; self storing, at our facility in Callington. The savings are worth considering when by-passing the two Mount Barker Interchanges and continuing on to come off at the Callington/Strathalbyn Interchange. If you do decide to store your goods with us, you will not be the first to do so from Bridgewater. Why? Because you would not be the first to Google ‘cheap self storage Adelaide hills’ or ‘Adelaide Hills Storage’ and after comparing prices, decide Alcatraz Self Storage is the place to go!