The life of ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ was dramatized and ‘over-acted’ by Charles Bronson, as a tough and ruthless gangster. His beloved wife [i.e. George Barnes wife, Kathryn] was far tougher and created that persona of her husband as the gun-wielding bank robber. He actually never used his Thomson Machine Gun! . During his time at Alcatraz he got the nickname “Pop Gun Kelly.” This was in reference, according to a former prisoner, to the fact that Kelly was a model prisoner and was nowhere near the tough, brutal gangster his wife made him out to be. George Celino Barnes was born in Memphis Tennessee on July 18th 1895, ironically he was also captured in Memphis Tennessee, even more ironic, he died on July 18th 1954, his birthday.  He spent 17 years on Alcatraz, working in the prison industries, and was quietly transferred back to Leavenworth in 1951. He died of a heart attack at Leavenworth Federal Prison, Kansas on July 18, 1954, his 59th birthday. He is buried at Cottondale Texas Cemetery with a small headstone marked “George B. Kelley 1954”. Still his life was the life of a loser—in and out of prison, from petty crime to bank robber to kidnapper!  We might be named ‘Alcatraz Self Storage,’ but there the similarity stops with Alcatraz Fed. Prison – no crime here at 1150 Back Callington Road, Callington (0413 050 039 or 8538 5387), but it is a good place to ‘lock-up’  and store your goods! Why not phone us and discuss Cheap Self Storage?