But actually I have never lived at ‘The Port.’  As a teenager, for reasons I cannot remember, I became a fanatical supporter of Port Adelaide Football Team and what a team to follow in the nineteen fifty’s; captained by Fos Williams (2nd right in photo – who often captained the SA State Team as well) – premiership after premiership. From memory Neville Hayes (hard left in photo) was nicknamed ‘Chicken Hayes.’ as he did not like getting hurt! But what a magnificent mark on the centre-back flank and those drop kicks were something to see. I ‘worshipped’ them all – like Geoff Motley (hard right in the photo), with his ‘bull’ neck, and, man, could he run in a burst across centre? But my No. 1 hero was Rex Johns at Full Forward. I had it ‘so bad’ for Johnsey (as some of us called him), that I would stand immediately behind the polls and change each quarter, to be right there as he would prowl back and forth like a caged lion, waiting to ‘hip-out’ the apposing Full Back and take a ‘screamer!’ Ha; the good ‘ol days! When players were ordered back into their positions and contests were usually with just a handful of ‘talls’ and a couple of pocket players; instead of the ‘mess’ we witness these days; almost everyone one crowding around the ball and we really should change its name from ‘Football’ to ‘Handball,’ as each side tries to hang onto the footy as long as they can. But these days we mainly prowl the confines of Alcatraz – i.e. Alcatraz Self Storage.

Yes, I know, Port Adelaide is a long way away from Callington in the Adelaide Hills, but, surprise, surprise – we have had clients from time to time store with us from ‘down there!’ Why do such clients drive past a number of bigger and impressive self storage facilities; drive for half an hour along the South Eastern Freeway, to store their goods in Alcatraz Self Storage? Simple answer: price! Usually less than half the cost for storage in most of the facilities they pass. But, hey, it is a long way and is it worth it? For short term and regular visiting to one’s unit – no, not a good idea. But for long term; living interstate or overseas, we are really worth considering – as some of our clients have done and are doing. Food for thought, hey?