Like anyone starting up a new business – for us it was in 2007 – you are looking for an appropriate name; an easy to remember name and (hopefully) not  a name anyone else has already registered. We felt at the time, just using our local town (Callington) was a wee bit limiting, so the search was on for something ‘different’ and ‘catchy!’ Many great names, of course, were already taken. My wife Hellen, came up with ‘Hoard and Store,’ which certainly had a catchy sound/name, but a friend pointed out that people do ‘hoard,’ but it was certainly not complimentary to remind them that they did! So we continued to look – and then we noticed one of the larger self storage business’s on the East Coast was named after are large American instillation that housed and protected the USA’s gold bullion stocks. Why; I do not know why, I immediately said I wonder if anyone has registered ‘Alcatraz’ as a self storage business. I was sure it would be taken, but here we are – Alcatraz Self Storage! Named after, possibly the most notorious American Federal Penitentiary – not being a ‘lock up’ to keep crooks out from stealing precious metals, but rather a ‘lock up’ to keep crooks (and the like) in – in behind bars. Hence a suitable name for a storage facility – a place to keep ones goods ‘under lock and key.’ It is certainly a name to remember (we follow some of the prison ‘jargon’ – e.g. B Block, Cell 999, (the passageway in D Block [see attached photo] looks similar to a prison passageway!); Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, a name set in infamy, but hopefully that connection does not apply to our Cheep Self Storage facility servicing the Adelaide region and Self Storage Adelaide Hills.