Along with many Barossa Valley Town, Hahndorf is proud of her German Heritage in the Adelaide Hills. And why not? The result a Century plus years later is very satisfactory. Tourist love it and residents love it too. One very famous resident, of course, was the brilliant Australian landscape painter, Hans Heysen.  One of the most ‘livable’ towns in South Australia. But when it comes to Self Storage Adelaide Hills, where to choose? Towards Bridgewater or towards Littlehampton? Please add Callington to your search – i.e. Alcatraz Self Storage in Callington. Once you are on the South Eastern Freeway, you only need to ‘blink twice’ and you are there – certainly worth the savings you will make. We have large cells through to small – check out the costs on our Pricing Page. We are happy to show you around anytime you can drop by – but always best to phone first.