Oh, what a very beautiful city we live in – it has to be one of the most favourable cities in the world as a place of working and living. BUT! Often we need to up-grade or down-grade our accommodation. That is when you need to store your goods between homes! That is when you need clean and 24/7 access for temporary ‘accommodation’ of you belongings! That is when it  needs to be very well priced; hopefully less than half the ‘local’ priced facility around the corner. That is when you need to store your goods at ALCATRAZ SELF STORAGE! Okay; okay, I know it will take you approximately 30 minutes drive up the South Eastern Freeway, but if it is for long term storage; maybe while you await the building of your new home or maybe your work arrangements in London or a temporary move interstate, etc, then it is worth the savings – month by month! This is no exaggeration – over the last decade plus we have been ‘open for business,’ approximately half our regular tenants have come up from the Adelaide Plains. Certainly worth considering, hey? It would be a good idea to phone; text or email us today and discuss your storage needs.