“Just down the road’ literally from your town of Kanmantoo is our business – Alcatraz Self Storage, 1150 Back Callington Road, Callington, SA. For the last decade plus residents of Kanmantoo have stored their goods in our facility; not only for convenience, but also for ‘value for money!’ Of course the very large copper/gold/garnets mine snuggles in between our two towns and  provides employment and visibility to our district. Need a bit more room? why not store some of your surplus goods in one of our new Cells in G Block – check out the price on our ‘Pricing Page.’ Being our closest neighbour town, you would only have to find approximately half an hour to dive over and inspect our facility – best always to phone first and make sure we are free to show you a round. We look forward to offering you the best deal for Self Storage Adelaide Hills.